There are five cats, Midnight, Megan, and the three others.  Each of these cats has a favorite toy (one is a sock) that the other cats ignore.  Also their favorite place to sleep (one sleeps by the dryer, another sleeps under the bed) is never used or disturbed by the other cat.  But what makes them unique is the noises they make.  One cat howls (sounds like a baby sometimes) so loudly you can hear this cat outside with the TV on in our house.  Another cat, you'd swear was saying "Mama" when it meowed (forgive me for saying 'it', I don't want to give away anything here).  The funniest cat stutters it's meows, like "Me-e-e-e-e-e-e-ow".  One of them is silent.  I have never heard a peep (meow) or anything from this cat.
          From the information provided, can you determine where each cat sleeps, it's favorite toy and what unusual sound it makes?

1. The cat that sleeps in the closet, and does not howl, is not the one that plays with the plastic tube.

2. The cat that sleeps in the bathroom window, that meows with a sound like "Mama", Is not Snowball or George.

3. The cat that stutters loves to play with a sock

4. Neither Harley (who sleeps by the dryer) nor George play with the glove

5. Snowball who plays with the catnip mouse does not have the loud purr.

6. Neither Megan nor George sleep on the kitchen floor ( as does the cat that is silent and plays with a ball)









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