My neighbor has 5 funny kids. Each one has a favorite food and a different thing that scares them (snakes, dolls, darkness, dogs and lightning). Each has a different age: the kids are 4,5,6,7 and 8 years old.

From the information provided determine for each kid: the age, the favorite food and the thing that scares them the most.

1. The girls are the oldest, they aren't afraid of darkness and they don't like chocolate.

2. Samantha likes pizza and she isn't afraid of snakes .

3. The five years old kid is afraid of dolls.

4. The six years old kid is afraid of lightning and he doesn't like chocolate and spaghetti.

5. The kid that likes ice-cream is not afraid of dolls and snakes.

6. The four year kid likes bananas, the eight year kid is not afraid of dogs.

7. Neither Bill (who isn't five) nor Jack are afraid of darkness and snakes and they don't like bananas.









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