In five American cities (New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles) organized charity parties took place, each for a different cause (the fight against AIDS, saving the whales, supporting orphans, the fights against cancer and Leukemia).  Five good people (Johanna, Mark, Cindy, Sheila, and Peter) each contributed to their favorite cause with a different amount of money.

From the information given below, determine the cause for which each gave, the amount of each donation, and in what city each charity party was organized.

1. Mark and Cindy gave  $400,000 and $500,000 (for Cancer and AIDS).

The charity party for whales took place in Los Angeles. The whales weren't given $350,000 or $450,000.

3. The charity parties in Philadelphia and New York weren't given $450,000 or $350,000. The orphans didn't receive support of $450,000.

4. Sheila didn't go to a charity party in Las Vegas .

5. Johanna didn't go to a charity party in Los Angles or Las Vegas. The charity party for orphans didn't take place in San Francisco.

6. Mark didn't go to Philadelphia and he didn't contribute $400,000. The charity party against AIDS didn't take place in Philadelphia.









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