Christmas is coming... I must visit my relatives: my mother, my sister, my brother, my cousin and my old grandfather. But there's a problem ... Each one lives in a different City, and have different tastes so I must take for each one a different gift. 

From the information provided, for each relative determine the degree of relationship ( mother, sister, ... ), the city where they live in, and what gift should I offer them.

1. The person that lives in Chicago loves jewels

2. The person that lives in Philadelphia doesn't like games.

3. John hates candies.

4. My sister and my brother (Jack) hate jewels, pocket watches, New York and Las Vegas.

5. Lilly doesn't live in Chicago or Philadelphia.

6. My mother doesn't like games or pocket watches and doesn't live in
New York or Las Vegas.

7. My Grandfather loves candies and he doesn't live in New York or Philadelphia.









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