The game 'Head to Head Nuclear Strike' © 2000 has 5 addicted players (Randy, Mark, Boris, John and Michael)  each has an alias (one is  Commander Fox) and plays almost every day.  Each player has their own strategy, and like to initialize their first strike by launching a nuclear bomb against their favorite city (one is Kiev, located in Russia). Additionally, each player keeps either 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 games going at one time.

From the information provided, determine the alias, the city chosen for first strike, and the number of games each player has going at one time.

Randy is currently playing a game against Commander Storm (who does not attack New York first).

Commander Cobra (who is not John) keeps two games going all the time.

John (who attacks Kiev first) plays exactly 4 less games than the player who attacks San Francisco first.

Commander Storm attacks San Francisco on his first play.

Commander Condor (who keeps 10 games in play) always attacks Moscow first.

Michael uses the alias of Commander Wolf.

Boris (who is currently playing a game against Commander Storm) always attacks Washington D.C. on his first play.









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