Welcome aboard the Federation's Starship Himera! The Federation is experimenting a new sophisticated starship which has
a crew of only 5 members: the captain, the engineer, the navigator, an android, and a telepath. Each member is from a different planet. For every 5 years in the service of Federation's Starfleet a member receives a golden star ( put on the right shoulder ) - a small award which shows his/her experience in the line of duty. Each member of the crew has a different number of stars.

From the information provided, for each member of the crew determine their home planet, their experience, and their rank.

1. The telepath is not from Alpha Centauri and the member from Alpha
Centauri doesn't have 3 stars.

2. Myria is not the navigator. O'Neil is from Earth and he's not an engineer.

3. The android has been in service for 5 years and his not from Colonia III or Corellia. The member from Colonia III has 5 stars.

4. The captain is not from Earth and he has 4 stars. Farorr'h and Gul'Tahda are not from Alpha Centauri

5. Gul'Tahda and Myria aren't engineers and they don't have 4 or 5 stars

6. The navigator is not from Corellia or Simeria and he has 2 stars.

7. Neither the member from Earth nor the one from Simeria has 3 or 5 stars.



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