Five married couples each have a different way to solve their marital disagreements.  After a fight, in order to sleep in the same place as the day before, the husbands recognize themselves as guilty and bring a gift to their wives: flowers, candy, jewels, a night at the Opera, or a romantic dinner for two (to awaken old memories....).  Each couple has a different
age of marriage.  The names of the wives are: Betty, Carol, Rachel, Patricia, and Madeline.  The names of the husbands are: John, Patrick, Brad, Peter, and Gary.

From the information provided, determine the couples, the years married, and the gift each husband to brings to his wife after a fight.

1. Gary is married the longest. The men who have been married for 12 or 14 years take their wives to the opera or to dinner.

2. Betty and Patricia always receive flowers and candies. Betty has not been  married for the shortest period, but John has.

3. Brad and Peter have been married  for more than 7 years. They don't take their wives to the opera and don't give them

4. Madeline and Carol are married to Brad and Gary. Madeline goes to the opera; Carol is not taken to dinner

5. John doesn't offer his wife flowers, but the husband married for 7 years does.









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