In an upper New York state Irish community, five families all celebrate St. Patrick's day.  Each family has it's own tradition for celebrating this day, from drinking green beer (colored with green food coloring), to going to the parade.  One family flies from New York to Ireland just to kiss the Blarney Stone.

From the information provided. Can you determine the five families, husbands (one is named Peter), wives, last name (One is O'Malley), and how each family celebrates St. Patrick's day.

Mr. O'Keefe married Megan in a traditional Irish Catholic wedding.

Neither Brian nor his wife Margaret celebrate St. Patrick's day by drinking green beer.

Neither Thomas, his wife, nor the O'Tools go to the  parade or celebrate St. Patrick's day by attending church.

Michael is not married to Sarah.

Neither Mary nor Shannon attend church on St Patrick's day.

Patrick  O'Riley is not married to Sarah,( who attends the parade every St. Patrick's day ).

The O'Hare family always wear green on St. Patrick's day. Shannon is not an O'Hare.









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