A nuclear submarine has suffered an severe accident. It sits on the bottom of the ocean. A rescue team has been assembled. USA, France, Russia, Great Britain and Germany offered their support. A ship, a submarine, a helicopter, paramedics and divers will take part in this operation. Each country send only one thing, which implies some costs. Each rescue team has a code name.

From the information provided, determine for each team, the country where it comes from, the code name, and the costs used to support the team.

1. The costs supported by USA and France were medium or extreme.

2. The code name for the US team is Arrow, which is the code name for the Submarine or the Divers (whose costs were not extreme).

3. BlueEye and Raft are the code names of some teams whose costs aren't cheap and low. The costs of the helicopter and the paramedics were the lowest.

4. Russia and Germany didn't send the submarine and the paramedics.

5. Neither the Ship nor the paramedics use the code names BlueEye and Mosquito.

6. Neither Germany nor Russia sent Wizard. Neither the Helicopter nor the divers use the code name Raft and Wizard.

7. Neither Mosquito nor Wizard has medium and extreme costs. The costs supported by Great Britain and Germany were cheap or low.

8. The Divers are from France. Mosquito is not from France and its cost is not low.



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