'Twas the day after Christmas and all through the mall, all the shoppers were rushing to outdo them all. Five ladies were in line with adrenaline high, each with a return and a purchase, Oh My!  The line that they chose was the same as the rest, out of those available, this one seemed the best. The items they returned were in perfect condition, it was each ladies taste that caused the transition. Their husbands all waited snug in the lounge, so sorry their gifts were accepted with frowns.

From the information provided, can you determine what position in line each lady was standing, the item they returned and the item they purchased?

1. The lady that purchased the Izod Shirt was not Brittanie.

2. The lady that returned Jordache Jeans was immediately between
Nekole and the lady that returned the Red Blouse In some order.

3. The lady that returned the Corduroy Jumper was immediately between the lady that purchased 14k Gold Earrings and Stephanie, in some order.

4. The lady that purchased Red Shoes was closer to the front of the line than June. At least one lady was between June and the lady that purchased Red Shoes.

5. The lady that returned the Stirrup Pants was immediately between Paulette (who was behind but not directly behind the lady that purchased the Izod Shirt) and the lady that purchased a Wool Skirt, In some order.









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