We men may wait until the last minute to shop for a Valentines gift for our sweethearts, but we always come through with the perfect offering to melt her heart.  There are five lucky ladies (one of them is named Julie ) that received five different expressions of love (one is a gift certificate for "The Works" at a spa) from their boyfriends.  No two ladies received the same gift, nor do they share the same last name or boyfriend ( one of them is named James, who does not date Stacie).

From the information provided. Can you determine each ladies' last name, their boyfriends first name, and the gift they received?

Barbara (who is not dating James), did not receive the Diamond Earrings.

Red Roses were not given to Elizabeth nor Suzanne. Godiva Chocolates were not given to either Ms. Jones or Ms. Martin.

Elizabeth (who is not dating Oliver) is not Ms. Martin. Ms. O'Keefe (who is not Barbara) went out for a Dinner & Show, but not with William.

The five ladies are:  Ms. Jones, Ms. Martin, the lady dating William, the lady dating Oliver, and the lady that received a Spa Certificate for
Valentines day.

The lady dating  John (who is not Elizabeth ) is not Ms. Lewis.

Neither Red Roses nor Diamond Earrings were given by John. Neither Suzanne nor Barbara is Ms. Anderson.

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