The world watched as the year 2000 rolled across 24 time zones, without a single problem or terrorist attack.  It wasn't until the first work week that big problems began to happen.  The first country experienced daily blackouts, and everyone just laughed and attributed it to that pesky little Y2K bug.   Problems quickly got worse, from massive food shortages to the launching of a nuclear weapon. (It was not the United States that launched the 50 kiloton nuclear bomb).

From the information provided, can you determine the order that each country experienced a problem directly related to Y2K, and the problem they experienced?

The United States experienced their Y2K problem immediately after the country that had a disastrous plane crash.

The country that experienced food shortages wasn't the third country after Iraq.

France was just after a country that experienced a nuclear problem and just before a country that starts with an "I".

Of the United States and Italy, at least one experienced a nuclear problem.

Israel either launched a nuclear bomb or lost all their bank records.

China was the fourth country to experience a Y2K related problem.


Y2K Problem




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