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Head to HeadHead to Head nuclear strike. Modeled after an old BBS game for the WWIV BBS system.

Those Darn CatsIn honor of our cats Megan and Midnight plus 3 other cats who have touched our lives, I will start the logic puzzle feature on this web site about these cats.

Other Puzzle oriented sites

English Math and Science – Hard if you don’t know how to set these types of problems up. (simple if you do).  Thanks to “Porter” who introduced me to this type of problem over 15 years ago.

Arithmetic Reasoning – See if you have what it takes to pass the ASVAB

PuzzlersParadise – New and exciting! Try their puzzle that reveals a riddle!

The Contest Center – Very large site worth checking out.

Neuro Arcade – Challenge your brain with free online games.

BrainBashers – Brain teasers and puzzles for the new millennium.

Do you have a puzzle page?  Add it here: email logicpuzzles@bordwell.com

‘Twas the day after Christmas –  For the shopaholics in this family… I dedicate this puzzle to them.  The only people I know who WANT  to go to the mall on the day after Christmas.

Y2K Has Arrived! –  My predictions for thY2K Bug.  A disastrous puzzle.


The Perfect Gift – If you have not selected a romantic remembrance for your Valentine, you may be puzzling over more than this puzzle after the 14th of February.

Pot Of Gold – This months puzzle depicts five families and their individual celebrations of St Patrick's Day.  For more information on St. Patrick, visit www.St-Patricks-day.com

Christmas is coming – Our first puzzle authored by Adrian Gheara. Adrian lives in Romania and brings this puzzle just in time for Christmas.

Submarine Accident – Another great  puzzle authored by Adrian Gheara.

Starship Himera – Welcome aboard the Federation's Starship Himera!  Try to figure out who is really in command.

Whose afraid of the dark? – These five kids are afraid of everything, but who is afraid of the dark?.

A Charitable Event – Joint 5 great people who try to save the whale, stop cancer, or help with one of their favorite charities.

Lets Make-up – Sometimes we men totally blow it, but we sure know how to make-up.

Desert IslandBe sure not to be left on the island eating nothing but coconuts. A new puzzle by Asher Brauner